Southern Red Oak


The Southern Red Oak (often referred to as Spanish Oak) is a moderate to fast growing deciduous shade tree whose mature height ranges from 60-80′. It can be found natively growing across much of the eastern and midwestern regions of the U.S. Most commonly found on dry or sandy upland sites from southern New York (Long Island) south to central Florida and west to southern Missouri and eastern Texas. It is highly adaptable to poor soil conditions and is drought tolerant. Acorns are smallish (averaging 1/2 inch), but they are high in fat and plentiful.

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An icon of the southeastern US and popular landscape plant, the versatile live oak can’t be beaten for wildlife plots for many reasons. It will grow in any soil as long as it doesn’t stay too wet and tolerates a fair amount of drought once established, along with heat and cold extremes within its growing range. Its preferred full sun exposure will have a nice dense canopy casting deep shade even at a relatively young age and creating shelter during the winter months. Though considered an evergreen oak, it will drop a portion of its leaves in early spring as the new foliage emerges, giving it a temporary sparse look for a few weeks, but never goes fully deciduous. Acorn crops are usually consistently reasonable on an annual basis, often littering the ground underneath.

To increase each plant's success rate, our plants are shipped in fully-rooted 5-gallon containers rather than bare-root or seedling. You don't have to plant them right away, but can instead wait for the ideal day.
Common Name Southern Live Oak
Scientific Name Quercus virginiana
Wildlife Value Cover, Acorns
Fruiting Requirements Self-fertile, but higher yield in groups
Fruiting Time September - October
Size 5 Gallon Rooted Container
Height 4-5'


Vegetation Zone 6-9 Green
USDA Zone 7 - 10
Exposure Full sun to half-day sun
Drought Tolerance Once Established High

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5-6', 5 Gallon Rooted Container