Monterrey Oak

This item will be released April 1, 2021.

Quercus polymorpha
Available April 1st, 2021
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An underutilized tree for both wildlife and for its ornamental qualities, this highly adaptable oak from the mountains of Mexico can be a valuable addition to wildlife plots. Reasonably fast growing for an oak, it fruits at an early age and reliably produces a heavy crop of acorns every year. The nuts themselves are rather large – averaging around grape size, and being in the white oak group they are sweet and have minimal tannin levels. It holds onto its large, leathery leaves through the winter and will be briefly deciduous for a very short period in early spring - dropping its leaves right when the new foliage begins emerging. With a naturally dense crown it will keep its lower, broad-reaching branches for many years, providing excellent shelter for wildlife through the winter. Though it is from Mexico, it comes from an elevation where it experiences freezing winters yet also excels in hot dry summers. Tolerant of all soil conditions as long as they are well-drained. What a great tree!
Common Name Monterrey Oak
Scientific Name Quercus polymorpha
Wildlife Value Cover, Acorns
Fruiting Requirements Self-fertile, but higher yield in groups
Fruiting Time October
Size 5G
Height 6-7'


Vegetation Zone 7-10 Green
USA Zone 7 - 10
Exposure Full sun to half-day sun
Drought Tolerance Once Established High


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