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March 12, 2022 (Saturday)

Institute for Whitetail Deer Management & Research Facility
Trawick, Texas

Only 75 Tickets Available

Field lectures and demonstrations will include: 

  • thinning timber
  • analyzing trail camera photos
  • fertilizing oaks
  • using herbicides for wildlife habitat improvement
  • setting up an artificial water station
  • an edge development demonstration
  • creating a combined fruit, nut, and forage plot
  • genetics and culling
  • how to design a pond on your property  

We will be offering time-tested plant materials for habitat and nutrition management. Wildtree’s Landscaping & Wildlife Experts will be present to help you put together a suite of trees and plants suited for YOUR property. 

Other sponsors will be Buck Forage Oats and Sendero Seed, who will be available to advise on how to use their plant varieties for deer.

We will have two vehicles to assist those who cannot walk the course. 

There will be a delicious barbecue lunch served.  The meal is included in the cost of the registration.

There are only 75 tickets available! Be assured we are taking all of the recommended protocols to combat the spread of the virus. Before admission, attendees will have to pass a temperature check and confirm that they have no symptoms. The meal will not be a buffet as in previous years; plates will be prepared safely and distributed to attendees. We also ask that you bring a face covering to be worn while in attendance.

 Topics & Demonstrations include:

  1. Thinning forests and brushlands to increase native forage
  2. Regenerating oaks and other mast producers to maximize acorn production
  3. Prescribed burning
  4. Herbicides to improve habitat
  5. The Deer Landscape: Setting up sustainable sanctuaries, bedding areas, and travel corridors; a lot more than “hinge-cutting” trees!
  6. Design and management of Deer Orchards; providing a suite of mast and fruit producers to maximize energy foods
  7. Conducting trail camera surveys, analyzing camera data, and other uses of trail cameras
  8. How to design your deer landscape using aerial imagery
  9. Hands-on demonstration on how to design a pond for your property
  10. Developing edge habitats
  11. New fencing strategies for creating “rotation grazing” for your food plots, a demonstration in which participants will get hands-on experience.
  12. New food plot varieties for the warm season and the latest cool-season crop developments.
  13. Artificial water strategies that really work    
  14. Latest information on feeds and feeding

In addition to all of these, we also will provide time for your personal discussions with our staff concerning your management program. If you are concerned about CWD, we will be glad to provide you with the latest factual information, not sensationalized incorrect information! Attendance is strictly limited so, please register as soon as possible. 

Ticket Information

Ticket sales will begin on February 1, 2022.

Prior to open registration, you can now enter to win 1 of 2 VIP registration passes to this year’s Field Day.
  • 1 Winner (and guest) will receive free tickets to Field Day on 3/12/22 in Trawick, TX
  • Hotel accommodations for one night near the event
  • Wildtree and Buck Forage Products and Swag
  • VIP cajun dinner the night before the event where you get to visit with Dr. Deer and the Buck Forage and Wildtree.
The winners for the VIP experience will be announced on Jan 31, 2022.
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